Thursday, August 2, 2012

What happened to your skin?!

I guess I should start this with the standard introduction.  Blogging being a narcissistic format it would be expected I'd want the world to know all about the who, what, where and when of my life.  Truth be told I got to looking for other blogs about Psoriatic Arthritis and found not many people sharing about it.  A few were found thanks to our good friend Google, but most are short lived.  I felt a bit cheated by Google because I was having a misery loves company moment and damn it there just wasn't much misery being shared on the world wide web.

SO, I'll share a bit about Psoriatic Arthritis(PA).  It is an auto-immuno disorder.  It's cousin Rheumatoid Arthritis seems to get quite a bit of press, but PA seems to be a bit of a red headed step child in comparison.  Thanks to Kim Kardashian Psoriasis has been enjoying a bit of celebrity, but the progression into PA has stayed a deep dark secret comparatively.  Like most auto immuno disorders doctors can't seem to agree on a specific or common reason for them to attack. The theories range from a genetic connection, to a traumatic trigger, to some mysterious cosmic plot to complicate an otherwise good life.  Basically with PA the immune system decides to attack your body.  Usually it starts with the skin.  Somewhere I read that a "normal" person creates a full new skin in about 21 days and a psoriatic person in around 6.  My numbers could be off, but the reality is that there's just a lot more skin than you can sloff off so scales and raised red areas form.  The progression from your garden grade Psoriasis to PA happens when that same immuno overdrive starts attacking your joints.  This can happen gradually or aggressively, and it could be at different rates at different times, but when it's all said and done every day is a surprise (YEAH!).

Treatments for PA range the gammit.  I've tried the creams, steroids, narcotics, diet, soaking in baths of various concoctions, TNF blockers (also known as biologicals).  The list could go on for days.  Some work, all be it usually temporarily, some are complete losses, and some I think are just made up so someone can have a good laugh at the desperate levels people will go to for a moment of relief.

As I said before my search for company in my misery came up limited.  I guess my goal is to succeed where others were probably just to tired, sore, and frustrated to continue.  So here it goes, we'll start with a year in the life.  The good, bad and ugly of kankles, scales and general feeling like crap a lot of the time.  Don't get me wrong, I live a pretty good life.  I just think maybe if the disease was understood in a more realistic and unscientific format maybe others afflicted will feel like there's someone out there who gets it.  Maybe just one person won't feel quite so frustrated and alone living with a disease that can be frustrating, painful and defeating.

Come on in and enjoy the ride... Here we go!