Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Tonight we went to celebrate my friend's 30'th birthday.  I honestly don't remember my 30th.  Not because it was a wild party, but because the party way so lacking.  At any rate I'm drunk blogging.  Just to have full disclosure. 

I have 2 friends who were at the party tonight.  One has RA and one has psoriasis.  Seeing these friends always reminds me of the fact that I am not alone in my predicament.  My psoriasis friend is fairly new to the diagnosis.  Over the last year we have discussed some of the early treatment options and all of them have a scary side.  It's always hard to grasp that the treatment can actually be worse than the cure.  That is the reality with many of the auto immuno disorders. To find relief you have to gamble something else. 

The RA friend always amazes me.  I see her and know  that as hard as my day is her's is probably worse than mine yet she's always an advocate for the possible.  I aspire to have that level of aspiration for helping others. 

We   usually run into each other at these types of functions.  We all live in a very small world.  I guess the theme for tonight's brief blog is I'm thankful for my friends.  These two especially lately.  Misery does love company, but not because we all love to be miserable.  We love the empathy because it means in the dark despairing world of immuno dysfunctional disorders we are not alone.  There is someone out there who gets it.