Sunday, November 1, 2015

Life without Facebook

It's been a few days since I deactivated my Facebook account to focus on NANWRIMO this month.  I will admit the first day was tough.  Especially in first thing in the morning.  We get so numb to how connected we are to our digital online presence that until we aren't plugged in we think it's not so bad.  I knew I was on a lot.  It's my connection to a lot of the outside world.  The way to stay in touch with and part of my friends' lives who live all other the country and world.  How I communicate with the friends I have developed that are in my favorite PsA support group.  How I am notified of events with family, friends and community.  It's basically my contact book, calendar, and communication with anyone important in my life.  Not to say it's the only way, but it's a main one.  I would check it first thing in the morning before I even had coffee/tea in hand.  It didn't dawn on me until after I had deactivated it that it was how I kept track of so many events.  I've had to message several friends to get reminders of when things were happening so I could put it on my appointment calendar.

It'a been 5 days now and it is getting much easier.  Most the time I don't miss it.  Late at night when I would be awake IMing with my other insomniac friends I'm feeling a bit at a loss as to what to do with my time, and since most my games are Facebook attached I don't have those time wasters to occupy my brain when it's not being cooperative for anything else.  But when it's all said and done I'm doing pretty well without it.  December 1st I'll be back on it though.

I am not doing so well already with the whole book writing thing.  The first day of writing and I've been gallivanting around with a friend.  I think I'll work on it some after I post this blog though.  It's only 8 at night so I have 4 hours of the day left to get my shit together.

So off I go to try to get my thoughts in order.  Happy Dia De Los Muertes everyone!  Say a little hi to those you love who have moved on.  Have a great week!!