Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Momma needs at new pair of shoes!

With Lottery fever on high today because of the Powerball reaching 320 million annuitized, I thought I would do some day dreaming.  I know I will win the lottery one of these days.  How could I not??  Look at my luck to this point.  Of the world wide population 2-3% have Psoriasis.  Of that group 10-30% develop Psoriatic Arthritis.  If this was a numbers game I'm damn lucky!

I think most people like to imagine the what ifs of winning a huge windfall of money.  We all like to believe we'd be gracious and giving.  We have this deluded cloud of thought that we would be responsible with this bank roll.  We'd probably be quite crazy with a small portion of it and do things like rolling on a bed covered with hundred dollar bills while drinking champagne and eating caviar.  We'd also of course take care of our family and friends. 

I call bull shit!  I for one wouldn't let anyone know about it.  Are you kidding me?  My kids would have an anonymous donor pay for their college, and I might set up a trust fund for them for when they turn 40.  Now I'm not saying I would hoard all of it, but I sure wouldn't announce it.  I'm an antisocial introvert with rude tendencies.  I sure don't want an entourage to keep me company or have people taking advantage of my girls because they might have money.

Now that that's out of the way, I have to wonder what would I do with such a windfall.  I know I would quit my job.  I would focus on my health and try all those holistic treatments for auto immuno disorders.  I might even sponsor a clinic for a doctor interested in experimenting with those treatments on a larger scale.  I'd put my kids through college so they can have a fruitful life on their own.  I'd buy a house.  I don't want a mansion because who wants to clean all that space.  I'm too cheap to pay someone to do it so just a moderate house is perfect for me.  My house would have a beautiful pool and lots of space to garden my organic veggies and herbs of course.  I'd probably invest the rest so I could live off of it and generations of my family could be supplemented from it. 

Yes I know not nearly as exciting as going on a gambling, coke fueled, sex orgy, but it's my dream. 

When I win tonight I'll still be back here tomorrow to blog.  So you'll just never know....