Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh If everyday was like this.

Today was a good arthritis day.  It is one of those days that, though I have the normal morning stiffness, I feel relatively normal after about 2 hours.  Granted normal is a relative term, but for me normal enough that if I was working I could have done a full day.  I felt an unexpected level of guilt today because I am on medical leave, but experiencing an uncommon good day.  As I was walking through Whole Foods getting my weekly groceries it dawned on me that yes I'm having a good day, and yes I could have worked today, but 1 day in the last 30 is not employable.  It is not a glimmer of light.  It just happens to be a good day which I am SO grateful for.

Speaking of Whole Foods, Oh. My. God!. I think I had an orgasm in my mouth when I tried their made in house roast beef.  I am SUCH a roast beef snob.  If it has that weird rainbow glimmer that most processed meat has it makes me nauseated just looking at it.  This stuff was perfection.  They had 2 varieties and I went crazy and got a half pound of the italian herb rubbed roast beef.  Shaved so thin you could almost see through it.  It is worth every penny of the $16/lb they are charging for it.  Now keep in mind that my half pound of meat heaven is enough for me to have sandwiches or wraps all week.  That works out to about $1/day.  I worked out the total cost of my roast beef & provolone on sourdough with green pepper and red onion sammich.  It came to $1.40.  SO worth it.  Another bonus of whole foods is they let me get fresh loaves of bread in half loaves AND sliced for no extra cost.  I think my half loaf of fresh sourdough was $1.49.  I'll use a half a loaf in a week, but a whole loaf I throw half of it away.  I've tried freezing half, but it feels like I'm chewing rubber when I thaw it.

I guess I'm done discussing food and how much it costs to feed me for today.  I sure hope they have whole foods in the Phoenix area.  I am ok being a food snob when I'm only feeding me.  I am a whole food eating hippie food nazi dammit.  Deal with it!

So here's to hoping tomorrow will be 2 good days in a row.  Since we are expecting a weather front including rain on Thursday or Friday I'm enjoying any minute of mobility I can!

P.S. Here is my daughter and her best friend.  The crazy one belongs to me... ohhh like mother, like daughter :)