Thursday, October 11, 2012

Follow the yellow brick road.

Who doesn't like (love) the Wizard of Oz?  It has some message for just about all of us of finding what we feel we have lost.  Most haven't really lost it, but just forgot what it was to begin with.  For me at this minute that thing is purpose.  I'm on the first day after having my medical leave approved and I know if this is going to be my next 3 months my next medical leave will be for mental issues rather than physical.  I did the obligatory sleeping in, had my cup or 3 of tea, sat on the porch and watched the birds, considered what to do for lunch since I slept through breakfast, had a discussion with the cat about global warming (she thinks it's a bunch of hooey by the way, her thoughts not mine), and thought about taking a shower so I don't stink when I do finally decide what to do with myself.

I've got some small projects around the house that I have been wanting to do like getting my stuff in my storage closet in those plastic stackable totes so when I move they will be easy to pack and stack.  That of course takes assistance to some degree so will probably not start till a Monday after I can have my boyfriend help me get the stuff out of it's current location.  I've also played with the idea of writing a cookbook for 1 for years.  I knew my time of empty nest was coming, and never really envisioned living with a significant other so figured I'd enjoy experimenting with that a bit.  I've also had a novel or series of novels bouncing around in my head.  With the popularity of Amazon Kindle marketplace I can self publish.  That project may very well take more than 3 months to get the first edition done so I'll probably wait till I'm on full on disability to tackle it, but I could at least get some outlines started.

I guess I need to find a direction.  I'll get a schedule of some sort started on Monday so I can keep track of my days and motivated to move to the next thing.  I'm a hope for the best, but prepare for the worst kind of gal so I've got a move to prepare for (in reality that's the best, but because of the worst).

Now I'm off to shower and laze around watching netflix till I have to take my car in for a warranty repair.  YEAH!