Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's poison time!

It's shot day. Hard to believe it's been a month already since my last one. I still have seen NO improvements. My psoriasis is actually still worse. I've developed pustular psoriasis on the bottoms of my feet. I have had fairly mild pustular psoriasis on my palms before and it was irritating there, but not life stopping. When it would rupture I could clean it, put some antibiotic ointment on it, and slap a band aid on it and it would be fine. On my feet however it's a whole new ball game. It runs up the middle of my feet and on my left foot actually has a few spots at the top of the ball of my foot right where it meets my toes. I've had a few spots rupture including one by my middle toe, and it is painful. Luckily it isn't too painful to walk most the time yet, but if the rest come to roost all at once I will be a very cranky and highly medicated person. Mostly now it just goes through phases of feeling like the spots are burning. Somewhat like walking barefoot on black concrete in the 115 degree AZ summer.

Since I'm having no improvement Dr. Lavery wanted me to try Arava. It is in the DMARD class of meds and should suppress my immune system even more. I waffled on if I was on board with this, but finally gave in yesterday and had him call in the prescription. I will start it on Monday. I don't want to bombard my immune system all at once with the Simponi and a new drug tonight so I'll give my system time to equalize a bit with the Simponi shot and give it the wham bam of Arava on Monday. For anyone wanting information on Arava it is here. It does have a black box warning so be sure to read EVERYTHING if it is something you are interested in talking to your Dr about. Be informed!

I think I am done with smoking Chantix has been working well for me for the most part. I've had some really interesting dreams, but nothing disturbing. What has really been the nail in the coffin so to speak was my huge back slide last night. At vagina night I smoked probably 7 cigarettes. I was physically ill and vomiting when I got home. Not only that I woke up feeling like I'd been licking the cat box and my throat hurt. I am SO done with cigarettes. Today I have had absolutely zero desire for a cigarette. Even sitting on the patio around other people who were smoking didn't make me have the smallest inkling for a drag. Just YUK.

Well I am off of here to go shoot up the Simponi. I'm not the slightest bit tired so I will probably be awake most the night once the dizziness kicks in. Chat me up on FB if you are with me in the land of insomnia!