Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I'm not a big costume person, but I like the ghosts, witches, goblins, zombies, orange, purple, black.  I could go on and on.  I love making my house all Halloweeny.  When my youngest daughter moved out a few months ago I gave her all our Halloween decorations because it's her favorite holiday as well.  So I've been looking for good deals the last month or so, and though my decor is minimal I'd like to think it's "classy".  OK, classy for me hahahaha.  I'll be haunting all the stores for clearance Halloween next week to see if I can find some "I'll die if I don't have that" super deals.

I have an appointment with Dr Lavery tomorrow to see if we can find the cause of my "shortness of breath". I kind of feel like I should have just kept smoking.  I miss smoking even if I don't miss feeling like I've been licking the cat box every morning or hacking up yuck.  I also know I stunk because of it because I can smell the stink now on anyone that smokes.  I guess I don't really miss that.  Not high up on the sexy scale there is it?  At any rate I'm not smoking and I miss the act of smoking.

I have also come to accept that I probably won't be returning to work in January.  I will be discussing filing for Federal Disability with the Dr tomorrow too.  In an effort not to have a huge pity party about this I have been dream real estate shopping for a house in Phoenix.  I've decided I'd really love one of the small houses that are there from the 40s-60s.  I love the architecture of these houses.  They are in my price range even with the electrical and plumbing updated.  I think when I am there in December for Christmas I'll see if my daddy will do some driving around with me to see what areas these houses are in.  If I can find something in a safe neighborhood that has the safety update done AND in my price range it would be awesomesauce!!!  I'm not ready to buy yet, but I'm a planner.

I'll be sure to come back on after my appointment tomorrow and let you all know what is going on, or at least as much as I know.  Have a happy and safe (and a little creepy) Halloween!