Saturday, September 29, 2012

Raindrops on Saturday

It's a rainy Saturday in the DFW.  When I started feeling the rain pain yesterday morning I looked at the radar and this front is a doozey.  It went from the edge of the DFW west to almost Tucson, AZ.  For those that aren't up on their geography of the US it's fricken HUGE!

Since I'm TV'd out after 4 days of pretty much living on my couch with the fall out of the TDAP vaccine I decided I would so some surfing on the net. I noticed this morning that my glands were swollen and I had a mild sore throat.  Not enough to panic, but I realized that about a week into my shot last month I felt the same.  So off to research Simponi some more.  Apparently it is a typical, but not common side effect (whatever that means).  I found a message board I hadn't found before that covers many chronic diseases, and has a PA specific area.  I got to reading it, and the stories about people with Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis hit way too close to home.  The people who feel exactly the way I do about running out of options, frustration, fear, on their last hope with current medications to be able to work and live functioning lives is just heart breaking.

One of the saddest things is in order to properly focus on your illness you really need to not be employed.  Reduce stress, prepare/eat whole natural foods, intensive skin care, and rest along with any number of other benefiting factors are what you need to do to reduce your body's attack on itself.  In order to financially support those things AND maintain medical and pharmaceutical care you need to have a job.  Knowing that your options are running out in a time that you can actually imagine is terrifying.  It is all a vicious circle.

As to today's video selections they really have nothing to do with anything besides that Rhianna was going through my head when I was listening to the rain on the patio.  These songs actually remind me of the 2 Nicole's so here they are for them.  They each know which one is for which.  Love and miss you both!!  Wish you were here to hold my umbrella puddin butt!