Sunday, September 23, 2012

One foot in front of the other.

I am feeling better emotionally.  I went and spent the weekend in Oklahoma with my honey.  I smoked way too many cigarettes.  I drank way too much diet coke.  I got to little sleep, and I gambled most of my birthday money.  All my bad habits rolled into one weekend.  However I feel much better.  Now I am prepared to move forward. It's one foot in front of the other time.

 My birthday is over so it's time for the annual refocus.  It's time to get prepared for Christmas.  I have NO idea what to give people this year.  Since I've been utilizing my FMLA my funds will be limited so I'm going to have to dig into my creative ju ju.  My psoriasis friend and I have decided to be craft buddies for the holidays.  We have both been combing through Pinterest looking for that "it" thing for the holidays.  I also need to start thinking about the annual ornament.  I have given my oldest daughter a Christmas ornament every year since she was 8, and have started the tradition with my boyfriend's grandkids.

So now being a crafty wench is my distraction to pain for the next few months.  Now if I could just get my craft room furnished and appropriate a sewing machine.  One foot in front of another, one day at a time.

Let the Christmas crafting begin!