Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The Ouroboros is a mythical snake or dragon who chases or eats it's own tail.  Many times stress and chronic disease makes me feel like I am that snake.  Having chronic health issues and pain cause stress, and stress causes many chronic health issues to flare up.  It can seem never ending.  I am very fortunate that in the scope of things my job is generally low stress.  Yes there are the occasional issues, but for the most part it's low maintenance.  Teenagers however can be very stressful, and this week has been stress in spades.  EVERYTHING hurts, and my skin feels like someone has been running a rusty rake over it and digging a ditch to China.  So starts the cycle.  This week will be one of those weeks that utilizing those coping mechanisms is so important.  Without those mental exercises and distractors the pain and stress can quickly seem insurmountable.

It is so important to know your own body for this reason.  Learn your body's responses to stressors.  Many times if you aren't paying attention it will sneak up on you and before you know it you can't fight it without completely withdrawing from life for a few days.  This of course causes more stress and guilt and so you are that Ouroboros.  As I've said before find your joy.  No matter what is going on find those things that allow you to detach and regroup so your mind and body can catch up.

So tonight here is to the Ouroboros.  To recognize that sometimes we are chasing our own tail, but in the same respect we are constantly learning ourselves and recreating our reality to function and live with our changed selves.