Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to reality.

So now I'm back to DFW, and back to work today.  Oh JOY!  My joints felt SO great while I was in Phoenix.  Now they are quickly returning to pre vacation swelling and pain.  It was nice while it lasted.

Today I thought I would talk about road trips.  I love my time on the road.  It's my place that I can go and go and go, and my arthritis might slow me down, but it doesn't stop me.  I'm not a big planner when it comes to these trips beyond a fuzzy time frame for leaving point a.  I've found 4 routes for DFW to Phoenix, and I don't decide till I'm on the road what way I'll go.

Here are my "rules" for road trips.

1. Eat well!  I make healthy finger foods for eating while I drive for the trip to Phoenix.  On my way there I'm in a hurry to get there so stops are limited to gas and restroom breaks.  No time to dawdle.  I stick to fruits, vegetables, both fresh and dried, lunch meat rolls (lunch meat, cheese, veggies rolled up like a burrito), salads with lots of cheese and nuts for protein.  I keep some chocolate for those moments when I'm feeling a little run down, and lots and lots of water and diet coke.  When you have an immuno issue you don't want to allow your body to go wonky because you aren't feeding it.  Make it a priority either with food you bring or with the stops you make.

2.Be safe.  I travel by myself a lot.  In fact the last 4 trips I've taken have been solo.  Previous trip have been with my daughters, so even more reason to be aware and safe.  Always stop in well lit places with people around.  Be aware on what is around you, who is noticing you, and who/what looks out of place.  If possible get gas on your credit card or cash, and pay inside.  Protect your credit/money/identity because you have to come off vacation some time.  You don't want to get half way to your destination and find out Olga in the Ukraine has drained your account buying cotton candy off the Internet.

3. Have fun.  I've made this trip so many times that I find new things to entertain myself.  I'm a huge car karaoke singer.  I'm usually nearly horse by the time I get to my destination.  I also find myself seeing how many rocks and clouds look like peni (or is it penises?)  There are a LOT of penis rocks in the East Texas desert.

4. Hydrate and moisturize.  This goes along with the eating healthy and the one I always have trouble keeping up with.  My diet coke is my addiction.  Water is often an afterthought, but it is very important to stay hydrated.  Moisturizing, especially when you have skin conditions like psoriasis, is equally important.  Another forgettable thing while I'm belting out Kelly Clarkson, but if I don't my skin is a cracked, bleeding mess.  The skin is the largest organ of the body, and 20+ hours in the ac of the car makes that organ scream for relief.

There you have my tips for a enjoyable road trip with chronic illness.  The road is a great because it's so adaptable.  Bring a friend who sings just as badly as you do (not possible in my case) and have a blast!