Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind.

I'm sitting here watching movies, knowing it's going to be an insomnia night.  We had some snow here in North Texas yesterday so I'm quite happy to be snuggled up in the blankets my sister made me last Christmas watching old movies on cable.

Something I noticed the last few days is that I keep feeling like my elbow is wet.  I'm constantly checking to see if I've got a gushing crack in my elephant elbows.  So far it just looks like I've been exfoliating with a cheese grater.  I think I'm probably developing some nerve damage in the dermis from the deep cracking I've been having.  I will be really glad when I can actually get in to see a Dermatologist.  I've run through all my options for Psoriatic Arthritis as far as DMARDS and Biologicals go.  I'm now left with the slim possibility of getting Stelera through the Dermatologist.  It is having success in Phase III medical trials for Psoriatic Arthritis so hopefully it will actually help both my skin and my arthritis.  I'm off to the VA next week to get that whole process started so wish me luck!

I really could use some retail therapy, but I just can't afford it and window shopping is downright depressing. I will however go try my luck this week at playing in a World Series of Poker tourney.  A friend of mine won a WSOP ring and a boat load of money yesterday so now I'm inspired to take my chance on one of the smaller tourneys.  Again I need your luck!

Well I'm off to watch more hokey 90's movies and wait for sleep to decide to visit me.  Have a great week!

As soon as I finished writing this blog I realized I actually was bleeding from a psoriasis crack.  Just not from my elbow.  UGH!