Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy July!

Welp it got here quickly, but I committed to start up the blog again in July so here I am!  Happy Canada day to our  Canuck friends.

To catch everyone up, I recently moved to AZ.  LOVING the dry heat.  Yes when it hits up near 120 it's ridiculously hot, but that's what AC is for :)  I've been having a flare the last few days, but it's been too hot to be up and about so camping out on the couch with the TV is just fine.  Maybe tomorrow I'll feel up to a dip in the pool.

As for my Psoriasis it looks about as good as it did while I was on Remicade.  Between Arava and my daily time in the sun my skin is happy.  I had a small flare start up last week which was expected after the stress of a move, but it got under control very quickly.  Overall my Psoriatic Arthritis on my worst days have been better than my best days in Dallas.  We are in Monsoon season here, and yesterday there were storms all around the valley and we had a small (according to the locals) dust storm come through so I had a pretty typical rain pain flare.  It's the first one in a month and I'll take it compared to several a week I was suffering through in TX.

So here we are in July and let the fun begin!  I had a few suggestions on the Facebook page for topics to cover, and welcome any here or there.

Finally a heartfelt sorrow and prayers for the people of Prescott, AZ who lost 19 brave souls yesterday.  May the families of the firefighters lost find peace and comfort in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.  Thank you to these amazing men who gave their lives to try to save both the lives and properties of their neighbors of the city of Yarnell.  May we have rain in the area soon to help the continued fight of this blaze that has devastated 2000+ acres and the lives of hundreds.