Friday, July 26, 2013

Even in the desert when it rains it pours

We are full swing into Monsoon season here in Arizona.  My Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis have been MUCH improved since moving here, but yesterday I was reminded of just how bad my body can be.  Yesterday was a very, very bad day.  Luckily I had a comfy couch, a book, the TV and a fat cat to keep me occupied.  Also I am very lucky to have awesome family to help me out.  My niece came by for several hours to keep me company and pretty up my fingernails for me.  On top of that I had a wonderful man come by and help me get us fed.  Being my normal bull headed self I insisted on cooking for us, but he did the chopping and cutting and any heavy lifting.  All I had to do was direct.  It was a welcome and pleasant change.

I am starting to realize the differences here as to how my body reacts to weather.  I am still very sensitive to barometric changes, but here in the desert the changes can hit so fast and so hard that a body doesn't have time to stew.  In Dallas I could feel the build up of a storm for days.  When it would finally rain it was like a pressure valve was released in my body and it would feel like my whole body would finally be able to exhale.  Here I have an achiness when we have storm systems around us, but it's such a dramatic change it isn't the build up like in Dallas.  With all the sudden storm attacks of the last week and some emotional stress my body decided yesterday enough was enough and everything was flared.  It was the worst day I've had since I've been here and comparable to my many bad days in Dallas, but this morning I am feeling MUCH better.

As much as I hate bad days I know it's a reality for me.  I also will gladly exchange 1 really bad day for months of bad days.  I've been here for just over 2 months and in that 2 months I've had 2 days I was home bound.  It's a pretty amazing improvement no matter how you look at it to weeks of being home/bed bound in Dallas.

I am working on the next medication blog.  I have decided to do it on Enbrel.  If you have any specific questions you'd like researched about Enbrel please add a comment and I will add it to my list of points to look up.

May you all have many blessings and joys in your day!