Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How can more naps be bad???

I think the novel is going to have to wait.  I'm having a lot of brain fog since starting Butrans and Arava.  Every time I try to write I catch myself doing that head bob nod that you do when you are falling asleep at work.  I just can't sit down and write for hours or even an hour.  This blog is about as lengthy as I can get, and even that is hard to concentrate on this morning.  I am having a lot less pain.  I'd call it "functional" pain, however I am having a lot more fatigue.  Monday and yesterday I needed 2 naps to function.  With the time change I am getting up just after 7, but by 9:30 I'm exhausted so it's time for my morning nap.  30 minutes and I'm ready to get going again.  Then in the afternoon around 4 I'm exhausted again so yet another 30 minute nap.  Keep in mind this is not from doing anything high energy.  Monday I worked on crafts.  There was quite a bit of coloring between naps.  Tuesday I did some shredding, sorting and filing.  Today is laundry day, and I got up, had breakfast, did 2 loads of laundry, showered, and I was worn out.  NAP TIME!

I really like naps, but it is still kind of frustrating.  My pain seems to be under control (this week) but I'm too tired to function.  I'd be glad to keep my pain at the level it is now, but I still won't be able to work.  I can't focus, can't stay awake, have no energy, and still have limited strength and dexterity in my hands.

Oh well.  I'm still giving this till December before I file for Disability.  I'm still pretty resigned to the fact that I will probably be filing for Disability.  For now I'm OK with the fact that I'm swapping some pain for needing more naps.  Who doesn't love naps???