Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cimzia week 4~ Final loading dose

Monday was the end of week 4.  My side effects have been about the same and fairly minimal.  I waited to write this so I could see if I was going to have any dose side effects after my last shot.  Yesterday I was stiff and sore like starting a flare, and today it is continuing to get worse.  This could be Cimzia or it could be residual from my trip.  My nausea is increased the last 48 hours as it has been with the previous shots.  So far no mouth sores after this shot so maybe last time was just a fluke as I do occasionally get random mouth sores for no apparent reason.  My inflammation is all over the place.  I'll have days where it is much lower than it has been in years, but then I will swell up like a whale.  I can't wear a bra because it gets so bad that even my "fat" bra starts cutting off my circulation.  Forget about wearing jeans on those days (even my fat jeans)  On those days even underwear is uncomfortable.  My skin seems to have plateaued so I think the healing that had been happening may have been the natural healing cycle that happens with Psoriasis and not necessarily the Cimzia.

Overall a month into it I'm not impressed.  I'll give it some time since I'm not suffering the terrible side effects and my immune system doesn't seem to be over taxed.  I have an appointment on the 20th to see an actual Rheumatologist for the first time since last May so maybe it will have some results.  The VA Dermatologist I am assigned to (and LOVE) says the Rheumatologist I am now assigned to is one of the best he's ever worked with so maybe, just maybe, there is some hope.  I am going to also approach them about seeing if there is a narcotic pain option with ibuprofen instead of acetaminophen.  Ibuprofen actually does help with my swelling and acetaminophen does nothing, but I am concerned that if I use both Lortab and ibuprofen I am going to kill my liver.

I quit drinking Diet Coke a few days ago so maybe that will also help improve my overall health.  It hasn't made a difference in the past when I have quit, but our body chemistry is always changing so we shall see.

I am thinking about doing some give aways this year of my favorite products for soothing psoriasis and limiting chemical exposure in cleaning/laundry chores.  Anyone interested or am I just wasting my time with all you lurking loveys?

Hope you all have healing and hope every day.  Blessings and joy!!